Monday, September 23, 2013

Shatter Me

It's not very often that I do a literal interpretation of a book's title but there was something about SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi that I just couldn't quite let go.

Truth be told, I actually did a completely different photo shoot for this book months ago. I made the BF shave his beard and kiss me for a close up shot of our lips and I photoshopped electricity lines between our lips. If I had actually been able to execute the shot in a way I wanted I still think it would have been cool, but somedays you just don't quite have "it" - whatever that happens to be.

Somedays you just have to abandon your initial goal and pick it up when you are in a better frameof mind. And that's what I did with this fauxto.

I decided I wanted to do a literal "Shatter Me" fauxto and instantly decided to go with a mirror because of wonderful, beautiful possibilities it could provide. I knew I couldn't just have a cracked mirror and that be it - I needed a human element - much like the main character in the story, Juliette, is immensely powerful but also incredibly human. If her touch could kill a man, certainly it could also shatter a mirror.

I bought a $2 mirror, wrapped it in a pillow case (don't forget the safety goggles and gloves if attempt this kind of shot at home) and one quick, hard slam with the hammer the glass shattered. (Also, I recommend getting a glass that is in a frame so the shards don't go exploding everywhere and it's easier to move around.)

Next, I just awkward moved my body around with my hand on the glass until I found an angle I liked then used the self timer to help take the shot. And voila.

This is probably the fastest I've ever conceived, shot, and edited a fauxto in this young adult series and it has given me the inspiration to pick this series back up.

So the moral of this fauxto story is that it is okay to abandon your ideas –– not every great idea you have is going to be as good as it seems in your head. Don't get discouraged if your art doesn't turn out the way you had originally hoped. Don't stress out about it - just relax, take a break from it. Step away and go do something else and you never know, your creativity might just come rearing back in full force.


  1. "But somedays you just don't quite have "it" - whatever that happens to be."

    "It is okay to abandon your ideas. ... Step away and go do something else and you never know, your creativity might just rearing back in full force."

    Yes yes yes! Margot, you are so wise. *bows down* And so talented! I love this shot and this post. Hope it gets your mojo going, because I miss seeing your work in my feeds!

  2. LOVE IT. From seeing the process of the first one you did for this and knowing how you were feeling about it, I'm really happy to see you get inspiration to come at it from another angle because this is very powerful. I remember loving your idea/concept for the first one you shot but there is just something very simple yet captivating about this one when I think about the story.

  3. So glad you're back, too! Have you read The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater? You could probably get an awesome fauxto out of that book :)

  4. I LOVE this! I also love hearing about your process of trying things in different ways until you find the thing that works.

  5. I really enjoyed reading Shatter Me! I really like this photography... a very interesting post.

  6. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog when I read Wendy's review of Dorothy Must Die over at The Midnight Garden. Anyway I just want to say that your work is really beautiful!
    Paulina @ Tangled In Pages