Monday, January 30, 2012


Mecca, originally uploaded by margotwood.
Welcome to the 5 Pointz. The mecca of graffiti and street art located in Long Island City, Queens, NY. This old factory has been home to local artists since 1993 when the building's owner made it legal for artists to come tag the crap out of it. Now it is a little more commercial, if you want to tag it, you have to pay and they offer "graffiti tours" (which I'm totally doing by the way).

If you've been following my photography, you're aware of the soft spot I have for street art. I adore graffiti from the colors to the fonts to the illegalness of it. I love everything about it, so when I strolled over to this place yesterday afternoon you can imagine how far my jaw dropped when I saw the sheer awesomeness of this place.

First of all, it's HUGE. This photo doesn't do it justice, but to get a sense of how big this place is, if you look carefully at the photograph you'll see a dude in a black jacket about half way on the left hand side. He's there to give you a little depth perception.

There's so much to look at this place I didn't even know where to begin photographing. That's why on this trip I focused just on capturing the place as a whole. I have MANY plans to go back there and really get some awesome closeups of some of the art before it gets demolished.

Yes, you heard me. DEMOLISHED. This place, like so many other wonderful spots in NYC is being torn down and converted to high rise luxury condos and a shopping mall. Please excuse me while I go throw up in my mouth a little.

If you're a photographer in the city or at all interested in street art you need to get to this place fast before it goes extinct.

If you want more info on the 5 Pointz or take a tour, visit the website:

I posted a few other shots of this place, all can be found on my flickr page in the Graffiti Lovin' set.

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  1. Sigh. "Progress" always has its pros and cons. I'm sorry the city is losing such a cool place, but I'm glad you'll be memorializing it in your photographs.