Monday, January 9, 2012

Is This Seat Taken?

Is This Seat Taken?, originally uploaded by margotwood.

This photo was taken at a cool, old speakeasy bar in Kansas City, MO. I was there visiting my older sister for Thanksgiving and we popped in here for a few whiskey sours. The play, while colorful, had that whole "other era" thing going for it and I wanted to snap a photo that would reflect that atmosphere.

Post-Process: Infrared setting on the black & white layer style, increased saturation, sepia tone

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  1. Love it. Funny enough, all the bottles really stand out in black and white. But I think my fave part is how your eye is naturally drawn to the people, then the painting, then the bar, etc. There's a wealth of imagery here, always something new to notice, and yet it's not overwhelming because of how you've framed it.