Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Buffalos in the Mist

Buffalos in the Mist, originally uploaded by margotwood.
The morning I shot these "foggy" photos was and will be one of those mornings that I will remember for the rest of my life. First of all, my Mom and I were running on zero coffee and so we used our excitement over photo opportunities to keep us awake.

This was taken right after the photo posted below this one. It was so incredibly foggy that we had to drive extremely slow because we couldn't even see 10 feet in front of us. All of a sudden, we see a black blob appearing in our view. Not quite sure what it was, we slowed down even more until we were could see a herd of about 20 buffalo were moseying down the road -- taking their sweet time too I might add.

I took this photo from the front seat of the car, looking through the dashboard.

Post Process: Slighty increased the contrast so the main buffalo was more outlined but still retain all the foggy goodness. A slight vignette was added and I made the yellow in the road line darker so it wouldn't stand out too much.

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