Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whig Party

Whig Party, originally uploaded by margotwood.

"Different kind of wig, but still a party."

While walking home through Tompkins Square Park last week I noticed that there were more drag queens than usual out. Curious, I decided to play detective and follow one of them to see where they were going. Trailing far enough behind so they wouldn't pick up on my scent, I discovered not one, not two, but an entire fleet of drag queens all gathering at the entrance of the park.

Of course, then it finally hit me -- Pride Week. NYC Pride Week was in full swing and they were launching off on a parade through the East Village. And how did the evening end? Well, if any of you watch or read the news, you'll know that only a few hours after I snapped this pic NY state passed the gay marriage law. What a great moment in this city's history!

I took a lot of shots, but this one of my favorite. I'm trying a new editing style with this photo so hopefully you enjoy it!

Post Process: Slight cross-process; added noise, increased exposure.

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