Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There Be Dragons

There Be Dragons, originally uploaded by margotwood.

I have a thing for dragons. It all began when I was leaving home in Cincinnati for college in Boston. I had struggled with separation anxiety disorder my whole life, up until one day, my Dad walks into my room as I'm packing up my things and says "Margot, you're going to slay dragons." And I just looked at home confused. He continued, "Back in ancient times, when boys became men, they were sent off in the world to slay dragons. Now it's your turn to slay dragons."

For some odd reason, the idea of equating leaving home to slaying dragons just totally worked for me. Suddenly, leaving home didn't seem so scary.

Now, 8 years later, whenever I come across a situation that is potentially scary (or skeery as they say in my family), I just think of it as slaying dragons and the problem never seems that tough to handle. So in honor of this story, I'd like to dedicate this photo to my Dad.

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  1. LOVE this story. I'm not saying you need or should tell a story with EVERY photo, but I like getting glimpses like this into your art.