Saturday, February 5, 2011

Safety First

Safety First, originally uploaded by The Real Fauxtographer.

Ladies and gentle fellows, I'd like to introduce to you Spock. No, not the man in this photo, but my new camera which I have lovingly dubbed Spock. (If he ever disappoints me he's going to be called Romulan. Also, these are all Star Trek references for those in the audience who aren't into Sci-Fi.)

Spock is a Nikon D7000, one of the last ones available in Manhattan. The manner in which I acquired him is actually quite interesting. My absolutely amazing Mother ordered him for me for Xmas in December but due to the camera's awesomeness, it has been on backorder. Two weeks ago I got an email from Adorama saying that I most likely wouldn't even get the camera until May and even then there was no guarantee.

Frustrated, I called almost every mom & pop camera store on the island of Manhattan until I found one place that has ONE left. I immediately left work early and headed up to 42nd Street Photo (which actually is on 32nd street, weird) and when I got there they told me that someone had called after me asking for it and even put it on hold. I was devastated. However, thanks to growing up a daughter of my sneaky father (I mean that as a compliment if you're reading this Dad) and offered to pay $200 more for the camera than it was worth. Luckily, we live in dire times and the camera guys were sold.

So this brings me to this photo. I took Spock out on his first photo walk yesterday morning before work in Chelsea. While the place I was originally trying to find to photograph no longer exists, I was pleasantly surprised to see this man walking to the subway wearing knee pads and a helmet. He was a peculiar sight so I asked if I could take his picture. At first he said no and then changed his mind after thinking about it for a second. Sure, this isn't the most interesting photograph, but I'm posting it because all I did to edit this photo is crop and add a vignette. I wanted to show all of you an unedited photo and you can see how great this camera is.

I hope more good things are going to come from Spock.


  1. Wow, nice! And I LOVE the name, hehehe. Can't wait to see more of what Spock can do. :)

  2. Un magnifique portrait ! Bravo !