Monday, January 17, 2011

Hotel from Hell

Hotel from Hell, originally uploaded by margotwood.

Back when I was bored and living in Ohio, I used to do a little research, and go on tons of photo excursions. I sort of tried that when I first moved here but didn't do any research and as a result my excursions were less than successful. UNTIL NOW! [Insert evil laugh]

If you are curious to know exactly what this place is, and it is very interesting (at least to me), then click on the photo and you can read about it in my flickr description. Here, since I hate copious amounts of text, I'll just keep it to how I edited the shot:

Post Process: Cross processing (I actually used the same setting for my "Boner Hugz" photo) and then turned it into black & white with a high red filter b&w CS5 setting; a little vignetting and finally sharpened the details. Voila.

NOTE: This photo actually does have a sister shot - a photo of the sign that signals the "hotel" from 9th Ave. Wanna see it? Click here!


  1. Haha, love it. Having the postcards in the shot really adds to the visual interest for me, too. And the irony.

  2. Actually, I'll be coming to NY in March, and am looking for reasonable accomodations: did you happen to get their daily rates ?