Monday, September 20, 2010


Meowzer, originally uploaded by margotwood.

Trying out a new editing technique and for some reason it looks best on closeup shots of animals. I'm trying to take a step back from my typical bold, rich colors and focus more on softer, more muted looks. So far I've only succeeded at this once, but I think this style works best when a calmer look goes with a calmer subject.

This cute kitty was just chilling in the afternoon sun in Chinatown when I stopped to pet him and snap his pic. He was kind enough to pose for me.

Post Process: Desaturation, increased levels, unsharpened mask.


  1. Ooo, me likey! I wouldn't have pinned this as a Margot photo on first glance, but now I can see your touch.

  2. Yes! That's my goal. I'm trying to test out a new, softer style so I don't get stuck in this bold, vibrant look. Artists go through periods, let's call this my "soft period"....wait, that sounds gross.

  3. Meow meow meow, I fully support any and all pictures of animews!!!! love it!