Friday, August 27, 2010

The Great Escape

The Great Escape, originally uploaded by margotwood.

What do you think is going through his head right now?

Post Process: Lighting increase, vignette.


  1. Love it! I think this is my favorite of the series so far. The contrast between the darkness and his bright green awesome-ness is really striking, and I love that he's not completely centered in the frame. (In fact, that could possibly be pushed a bit more...? I'd have to see it.) The perspective on the fence is great too.

  2. I love that you're like the only one who comments on my blog. Makes me feel loved knowing you follow me Kristan! Anywho, yes, this is my fave of the series so far. While I really do love the set up with the elevator one, in this one it actually looks like he's trying to get out of the chains which I like. I'll be back in Ohio in October for a wedding, and I'm bringing him with me to the wedding, so it should be fun. If you ever get any ideas, let me know!

  3. I just tried to post something and it erased it...

    Love this photo, it's like an action shot, great use of pop color and agreed with Kristan on perspective of fence.

    I would love to see Yoshi eat something, or the camera angled at the back of his head so we can see what Yoshi sees at his eye level. I'm sure the wedding will have great photo ops!

  4. Love Yoshi, Love the series. Hope for more. Would like to see what it is like to ride Yoshi (were one that size of course...;) )

    PS having hard time submitting comment to. Hopefully problem is on my end.

  5. Hey thanks for the comment! I'm testing out the commenting thing right now. I usually just use my google account, but I'll try a different way to see if that works too!