Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I've Got The Funk....And Not The Good Kind

No, this isn't the awesome 70's funk I've been stricken with, it's good ol' fashioned "I haven't taken a decent photo in months" funk. So I hope you don't mind if I just spend a few minutes bitching about my current photographic situation. It always seems that once I post that I'm sucking at photo life, I tend to snap out of it, so hopefully this will work for me again.

My job is stressful and exhausting, I get home generally around 7:30 and don't feel like going out of my apartment. All I want to do is sit around and watch reruns of 30 Rock. As a result, my boner for photography has gone limp. I look back at all the photos I took around this time a year ago and just wish that I could be as inspired and creative as I was then.

New York City sucks. No offense to those who live here and love it, but being an Ohio Immigrant, I am unimpressed by this city. I came here thinking it would inspire me, be my muse. But all it has done is cause me stress and make my skin break out. Sure there have been great moments, like the diner photo and the gotham city photo, but for every great photo I take in this town, I have about 9 million that totally blow.

I find myself annoyed with the lack of quiet, uninhabited places in Manhattan. I'm sure there are plenty of these hidden gems in Brooklyn and Queens, but I am not comfortable wandering around by myself yet - I'm still so much a midwesterner and think everyone is going to greet me with a nod of their head and a "hello". That is not the case here. In New York, people are pushy, rude, smelly and EVERYWHERE. Anytime I find something cool to photograph, someone always comes up behind me and copies my shot. It's frustrating and it makes me want to throw an epic toddler-esque tantrum.

So what is my plan? Well, for starters I finally bought myself a new zoom lens. I have been working with the same lens for over a year now - the one that came with my Nikon D40. With this new lens, I am hoping I can start taking more close up shots of unique things or people from far away (being able to take someone's photo without them knowing about it is key and a zoom lens allows you to do that). I need to get back into playing around with DoF (depth of field for those who aren't photogs) and interesting angles. I vow to go on day trips on the weekends to random locales in New Jersey via the NJ Transit and if any of you wish to be my escort, I will give you a print of your choice in return.

All in all, my main goal is just to be inspired again. So here it goes, my summer attempt to get back into the game....


  1. I HEART DoF experiments! As a favor to me, lol, please try that out with your new lens. My little point-and-shoot can't do squat (except on macro, which of course has its limitations).

    Not that Angie would offer much protection, but she'd be a great photo buddy. We used to go on photo expeditions in high school and even sometimes during summers in college when we were both back home.

  2. Man, what a rant. I am a Brooklyn kid, since moved to New Jersey but work in Manhattan. NY is home and I love it. I hear what you're saying but humbly disagree. I did take a walk in Chinatown a couple of weeks ago and was uninspired as well. (Pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23764195@N03/ )

    check out this site for some ideas of where to shoot. http://scoutfriendly.com/ But an eye like yours should be able to make pictures anywhere. You're good - don't allow your mood to freeze your brains!