Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Star Wars Day!

Train Hopping Trooper, originally uploaded by margotwood.

May the 4th be with you on this most holy of holy days. While I almost posted the "Day In The Life Of" photo of my dad as a Storm Trooper reading the newspaper, I thought I'd treat you all to a photo I took over a year ago that's been on Flickr but never been blogged here.

This photo was taken when I was still pretty new at this whole photography thing so no hatin' if you don't like it as much as my other Storm Trooper photo.

Post Process: Decreased color saturation, slight vignetting, increased sharpness, took out some of the redness to it all, et voila!


  1. awesome, at first it appears like a 'train passing at dusk' shot, and only upon closer inspection do you see the passenger. very subtle, and very cool.