Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Heads Up

Heads Up, originally uploaded by margotwood.

This was taken at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market last weekend with my Dad. This dealer had a boxes full of disembodied mannequin parts, and one of the boxes contained a bunch of heads. Although it was genuinely creepy, I had to snap a photo! This photo could have so many funny titles, that I've literally just sat here for an hour thinking about what to call it. More suggestions are welcomed!!

Post Process: Slight cross process, slight lighting, muted red tones, increased vignette, decreased exposure slightly.


  1. DUDE! (a) I am slow, and I thought this post was actually going to give me a heads-up about something you were up to. And (b) This might be one of my fave pics of yours!! Loooove it. I think the subject matter works perfectly with your photographic style, and the composition is excellent.

  2. Margot, this photo is awesome! Your composition is great and the colors are fantastic. Love it!

  3. So beautifully creepy...I almost thought they were real.