Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guest FAUXtographer: Minh and Rochelle

Fashion photography is, in my opinion, one of the hardest photographic styles there is. There is so much involved when trying to capture a great fashion photo. You have the clothes, hair & makeup, lighting, styling, propping and on top of all that you have to deal with bitchy models. I used to be a photo retoucher at Ford Models in Los Angeles, so believe me when I say that most photographers in the fashion industry don't get it right.

However, I've had the pleasure of getting to know Minh, one half that makes up Mahal Style, a brilliant fashion photo team based out of San Diego. The reason why I want to feature them on my site (besides the shameful hope that if I do, they'll let me come play with them out in San Diego so I can learn more about fashion photography) is because I am IN LOVE with the way they style and edit their photos. Brilliance meets art meets fashion. I highly encourage you check out their stuff on flickr because seriously, it blows me away. That being said, here's a little more about this particular photograph (chosen exclusively for this blog!), from Minh and Rochelle:

"I chose this shot because it was done after most of my team has left the set at the end of a long day and all that was left was my beautiful model Kara and assistant Gabe and one flash light. The photo is technically simplistic yet I feel it has the kind of emotional draw I try to express in my photos."

Model: Kara Willingham

Hair and make up: Rochelle Huynh

Styling: Jennafer Grace

Clothing: M Dot Design Studio

Assistant: Gabrial King 

Lighting: Elinchrom Dlite 4 on Elinchrom 53" Midi-Octa behind and to model's left

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