Tuesday, February 23, 2010

je t'adore

je t'adore, originally uploaded by margotwood.

This weekend I flew back home to Cincinnati to take engagement photos for my best friend Allison. I have never taken engagement photos so this was going to be an adventure for both of us.

I have just started editing the photos and while most of them are pretty typical, every once in a while a photo like this pops up that gets me really excited. I don't know why I am attracted to this photo, I just know that I am.

I will be posting more photos from this shoot in the next couple of days. Your thoughts on my first photo are welcomed and appreciated!


  1. I LOVE IT.

    No seriously. Their expressions are so natural and lovely and happy, and the composition (simple brick to white, contrasted with their dark coats) is great.

    What a nice thing to be able to do, capturing this happiness for your friend. :)

  2. I love it three! Love never looked so beautiful in B&W :)

  3. I think the thing that makes it great is it's a moment that you wouldn't expect to be in on. It exudes the energy of 2 people in love having that personal moment that others don't see...but we get to see it. So...you captured it well. I like!