Thursday, December 3, 2009

Guest Fauxto: Jeremy Criswell

agfa1, originally uploaded by jay3737.

I just had to include this photo since it won the Arts, Culture & Food category for this years Capture Cincinnati contest! (Don't know what Capture Cincinnati is? It's okay, I'll explain in a later post).

Not only must I post this photo because of its supreme awesomeness, but I almost must post this photo because Jeremy is my Obi-Wan (or should I say Fauxbi-Wan?!? Haha!). Mr. Criswell was my photographic mentor while we worked together in Cincinnati and his photography style is nothing short of stellar.

He and his wife have an awesome photo gig going, seriously, if you live in Cincinnati and want your family portraits, senior photos, baby pictures (whatever!) taken I highly suggest using them. Tell them The Real Fauxtographer referred you and you'll get a 10% discount.

See more of Jeremy's work here:

Head over to Gabi + Jeremy Photography:


  1. Yay Jeremy & Gabi! Do you know which of your photos made it in, Margot? You should post those too!